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2011-05-18 19:01:47 by SchizophrenicSmile

making some new stuff, it's a little different working with cs5 flash. :v

it's a lot more complicated. > u <

too many options, too little knowledge. :v

wish they had a flash class at my school, but they don't.

oh well, i'm just updating to have something new here. c:

that's all~~

i plan on submitting something nice soon. c:

until then, peace~<3

so, ja, my old computer crashed. :v

meaning i have nothing.

but the good news is that i have a new computer, with a better version of flash.

i plan to put something decent up soon.

k, thnx, bai i guess. :v


2010-12-04 20:16:49 by SchizophrenicSmile

Hey there~!! >u<

I haven't submitted anything to New Grounds in a while... simply because I haven't had time to create anything.

I might submit a WIP sometime soon on one project I was working on but I'm planning on re-vamping it. C:

That's all, figured I needed to post something here, even though I don't get on here everyday. C:

Has a good holiday season, NG~<3

n___n Yay~!!

2010-08-05 00:44:51 by SchizophrenicSmile

C: So, I've just submitted my newest flash to NewGrounds!!

I can't wait until it goes through.

Right now I'm working on a series of mine based off of the Persona games, it's called Category Persona. There's a reason for it, and I hope to share the flash series with you guys soon!!

And if it's not a flash series, I'll still put the manga in a flash show. C:

Anyways, I'm just really happy that you all viewed my page! Thank you so much!