2010-12-04 20:16:49 by SchizophrenicSmile

Hey there~!! >u<

I haven't submitted anything to New Grounds in a while... simply because I haven't had time to create anything.

I might submit a WIP sometime soon on one project I was working on but I'm planning on re-vamping it. C:

That's all, figured I needed to post something here, even though I don't get on here everyday. C:

Has a good holiday season, NG~<3


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2010-12-04 22:22:11

What you need to do is stop working on these "WIP's" of yours and work solely on a single project. I could give you an idea if you're interested, and I'm sure it that it would earn you a front-page spot. That is, if you're interested in hearing me out. Also, I checked your flashes. You have good style. You certainly don't suck at drawing scenes and characters. What you need to do though is refine them into something touching and meaningful, and find a genre of point that you fit well into. Like Egoraptor and Oney for example, they fit into retarded-hilarious-antics, a.k.a. Comedy.

SchizophrenicSmile responds:

That's a good idea I guess.
My only thing is that I don't have time to actually sit down and finish these. My only source of submissions are the short little things I make in my spare time.

I do have a project though that I'm working on, it's a teaser for a comic series of mine coming next year to smackjeeves...

but yes, I would be very willing to hear you out! c:
n__n thank you so very much~<33