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Junk Moon (Trailer) Junk Moon (Trailer)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

super gorgeous~<3

i super loved it. c: it's so simple, but the art and the animations just made it.... super awesome~<3

i admire your typography. c:

and the music fit perfectly~<3

keep up the super epic work. c:

An Animation Revolution An Animation Revolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

total respect, sir~

that was amazing. > u < i wasn't quite sure what to expect, but i liked the bit about the lobsterr~

yay animation~

Itachi dedication Itachi dedication

Rated 2 / 5 stars


It's an interesting movie with the sprites, I wasn't exactly expecting this, but, it wasn't bad. I think that it would be cooler if you had like, your own art and such in the flash rather than just sprites. I'm pretty sure it took a lot of time to put together though, and, it's a cool thing that you could do this.

As far as the pre-loader goes, including it next time would definitely be a plus, especially if your file size is a larger one. I can tell you from experience that waiting and watching a white screen on a slow connection is irritating to the viewers, not that I currently am on a slow connection, just saying. Anyways, newgrounds offers a lot of pre-loaders for you to use. c:

Oh, and, I think that when you use things such as sprites, you should properly credit the source in your artists comments. It's kind of like stealing art from someone else, which isn't a good thing.

Alright, that's all! Keep working hard at everything~ and good luck with your submission. c;


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herodavis responds:

Thanks for the Advise :)